Land Cruiser 200 Series

Master of Africa

Rugged Good Looks

The Land Cruiser 200 has a bold, aggressive style that makes an impression. The GX-R has a bullish, masculine edge and the VX-R though just as rugged with the aggressive stance and height that Land Cruisers are known for has a more sophisticated edge with its stylish rear spoiler and its bumper and grille; certain to capture attention when on the road. Practical and stylish wheels on the GX-R measure in at 17-inches and the alloy wheels on the VX-R are 18-inch.

Afford comfort when traversing challenging terrains in the comfortable Land Cruiser VX-R. You can settle into partial leather seats, from which you can adjust heat or ventilation, use the wireless charger, enjoy easy access to your cooler box, and activate the reverse camera*. The Rear Seat Entertainment and Wireless Headrest now come standard in this luxurious beast.


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